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In parallel dimensions, Robin's life took different turns. A tough fighter in one, she competes against waves of enemies. An even tougher baker in the other, she's in it to win it in the biggest bake-off of the year.

And yet, each versions fate is bound to the other. A crucial swing here might mean a dropped ingredient there - can the balance last? 

How to play

  • Controller / Keyboard for selection
  • Selecting a color will take that action in both worlds simultaneously.
  • Matching a recipe step color will remove it from the step counter. Finish a recipe to restore HP.
  • Matching a robot color will deal critical damage. Destroying robots will also restore HP.


Travis Faas- Programming, art, visual effects

Noel Keith - Most sound effects 

Albert William - Kitchen models

Yadu Rajiv - BGM (from the lovely Mini Loops)

Install instructions

Unzip and run SSJTurnBased.exe


DuelParallelBake.zip 28 MB

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